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About us

Since opening our first location in Daytona Beach, Florida back in 2003, Furgason Electric Inc. has operated with the deliberate intention of being the finest and most reputable electrical contractor in the region. We are fiercely proud of what we do, and how we do it. Our clients can tell how we value their business as we make it a point to get to know a lot about them and/or their company. For us, it's about building lasting relationships based on mutual trust and respect.

We work with utilities, architects, designers, inspectors, project managers, property and business owners all for the benefit of the project. Whether creating a design for a commercial building or rewiring a home, we make it a point to pay attention to the details, and that includes a lot more than the gauge of wire and the number of outlets.

Contact us at (661) 429-0224  to learn how our electrical contracting company can be of help to you.

Ways to Save
Our Green Initiative

Improving home energy efficiency is something everyone should be interested with. Our company partners with energy providers and other industry leaders to provide information and assistance to home and property owners on the best ways to save on energy costs. Call now to find out how!

Innovative and renewable energy is the best way we can ensure a healthy community and environment. At Furgason Electric Inc., we are expanding the use of sustainable resources and increasing our services to suit the green power movement.

Our company and technicians are involved with sustainable energy leaders and manufacturers of green power supplies. This allows us to provide efficient and expense saving designs that will carry well into the future, as well as help secure our environment.

Standing By Our Work